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The Big Stomp is recruiting highly motivated shakers, movers, fans, and independent promoters to spread the good word about The Big Stomp!

Click here to send us an email with your name, phone number and current address and we will send you more information on the required street team duties. All street team volunteers who complete their duties will be emailed instructions on how to obtain their complimentary GA Weekend ticket.

*You do not need to fill out the volunteer form below to be a part of the street team.

The Big Stomp Volunteer Application

and Terms and Conditions


APPLICATION:  To be a volunteer, please complete the form below.  Be advised that you will need to purchase a weekend ticket.  We will refund the full ticket price following the festival if you have completed the volunteer work you agreed to.  If you need to cancel your volunteer plans, we do have a cancellation policy which can allow for a refund of your ticket price.  See the cancellation policy below.  You will receive a confirmation email once we receive your application.

COST & BENEFITS OF VOLUNTEERING:  All applicants who volunteer for at least one 4-hour shift will receive a 2-day pass to the festival.   All volunteers will receive one complimentary parking pass for each 4-hour shift scheduled.  If you are attending the festival both days, but only volunteering one day, you will need to purchase a parking pass for the second day.  Those volunteering before or after the festival will receive parking passes based on the number of shifts scheduled.

APPLICATION FEE:  We will require purchase a weekend pass as an application fee.  The application fee / ticket must be purchased through our ticketing page.  The application fee will be refunded to the credit card on file after completion of your designated shift(s).  Please read the information about cancellation.

If you cancel on or before June 26th, 2024, your purchased ticket will be refunded.

SCHEDULING OF YOUR SHIFT:  Please give us some time to process your application and get you tucked into a team that best meets your request.  This may take a couple/few weeks, but we will respond no later than 3 to 4 weeks, or 2 weeks before the festival if you submit after June 15th.   **Returning volunteers will receive preference if applying to a team they’ve worked with in previous years.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR VOLUNTEERING:  During your volunteer shift, you must be wearing closed toe shoes.  If protective gloves are called for, we will provide those.  You will be asked to wear a lanyard identifying you as a volunteer which you will turn in at the end of your shift.

CANCELLING A VOLUNTEER SHIFT:  Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and plans have to change.  We understand that.  However, we also need to be able to count on scheduled volunteers and if there are cancellations, the festival incurs costs.  If you have submitted an application, but then become unable to volunteer, please email BOTH the Volunteer Coordinator ( and your specific Team Leader right away so that we can work on refilling your position. Depending on how close to the festival weekend you cancel you may be charged a cancellation fee.  Cancellations will be handled in the following way.

If you cancel on or before June 26th, 2024, your purchased ticket will be refunded.

If you cancel between June 27th and July 27th, your purchased ticket will not be refunded.

If you do not show up for your volunteer shift as scheduled, or you show up but don’t complete the shift, your purchased ticket will not be refunded.

VOLUNTEERING WITH FRIENDS OR A GROUP:  On your application, you can name two additional people you’d like to volunteer with. Make sure to coordinate with your friends, name each other on each application, apply to the same stomp teams, and provide the same availability. We want people to have fun and we make our best effort to accommodate these preferences, but this is not guaranteed.  If you are part of an organization that would like to volunteer in a group, please indicate that on your application and we will reach out as quickly as we can to see if we can work with your organization.  This will be based on the volunteer needs of the festival, so we encourage you to reach out about this group volunteering as soon as possible.  When we have fewer shifts remaining open, it is difficult for us to schedule a group.

2024 TBS Volunteer Form

2024 TBS Volunteer Form

Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Name
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The Big Stomp 2024

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What is the earliest time you can start a 4-hour shift?
What is the latest time you can start a 4-hour shift?
Can you consistently stand/walk for the length of a volunteer shift?
Are you able to easily lift 50 lb?
Once tickets go on sale, all volunteers will need to purchase a ticket.
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