Stomp the stigma

Our immersive experiences take a fresh, inclusive, modern approach. With social activities and mindful programming, we provide education, awareness, and resilience tools. Together we are rocking the elephant in the room – changing the way mental health is communicated while fostering an environment of openness and fearlessness.

All proceeds go to The Pete Foundation. Learn more

On Site Mental Health Experiences and Activities

The Big Stomp will have something for everyone with fun, educational activities, and resources for all ages to learn more about mental health. Be sure to visit The Pete Foundation who works to rally the community to champion youth mental health & wellness. Make your plans with the schedules below to sign up for a class or workshop and don’t forget to to stop by our amazing partner activations.



The Zen Den, presented by Cambium Marketing, provides you with a serene oasis to enjoy a moment of zen. Participants can check out Louisville Silent Disco headphones and choose between a variety of meditation soundtracks. The experience is complete with comfortable yoga mats and cushions, plus farm-grown flower displays to create a full sensory experience.


Renewal by Andersen, The Big Stomp’s Official Windows and Doors Partner, presents “Open Doors, Open Minds” where participants can explore the transformative benefits of sand, art, and music therapy. Immerse yourself in a space designed to heal and inspire, as you engage with creative therapies that nurture the mind, body, and soul.


Come together at our vibrant community coloring wall, a space dedicated to supporting mental health and embracing the joy of being in the moment. Immerse yourself in a collective creative experience that soothes the mind and uplifts the spirit. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out Love, Tito’s games, giveaways, and more!


Discover the delicious path to a healthy mind and body. Experience the joy of good food and learn how wholesome nutrition can elevate your well-being. Highlighting a local beekeeping family along with samples from the gardens of 80 Acres Farms.


Pop into Carmichael’s Bookmobile for a perfectly curated collection of mental-health focused literature, self-help books, and merchandise.


Quest Outdoors is once again providing hammocks throughout the festival site for Big Stompers to relax and enjoy. Also don’t miss the Quest Outdoors live art mural and stop by to see them to learn more about how you can get equipped for all your adventure needs!


Celebrate the joy of having fun in a vibrant, sober environment where mocktails take center stage. Let’s normalize the art of enjoying delicious, alcohol-free beverages while creating unforgettable memories together. The western style saloon will turn into our Silent Disco around 9pm.


Dance and body movement offer a comprehensive approach to improving mental health by promoting emotional expression, reducing stress, enhancing mood, building social connections, and supporting cognitive and physical health. Presented by Louisville Shufflers.


Music therapy leverages the universal and profound impact of music to promote healing, growth, and well-being, making it a powerful tool in various therapeutic contexts. Join us for some examples of how music therapy can enhance well-being, reduce stress, and foster emotional expression. Full schedule below, sponsored by Restorative Sound and the VA Medical Center.

Cambium Zen Den Schedule

Feel free to use this space to rest, reset, and breathe when classes are not in session. Classes are first-come, first-served with a comfortable spot for 15 participants.


5pm Mary Welp – with RISE – Self Hypnosis Self-hypnosis: This session will teach you the 4 steps of self-hypnosis so that you can change unwanted fear, habit and imprint.

6pm Katie Ward – with Realigned Body – Restored Balance: Learn various ways to realign your spine and reconnect to your breath as we move through this yin based class which is both restorative and rejuvenating.

7pm Cielo Stein – with Cielo Breathwork: Cielo Breathwork stands out as more than breathwork itself, it innovatively combines the power of drumming and Reiki, a unique fusion that amplifies the healing and transformative experience.

8pm Mary Welp- with RISE – Closing Meditation Guided Meditation: This guided meditation will give you the opportunity to reset your nervous system as well as shift old unwantede patterns into more productive habits.


12pm Katherine Martin with Attune Reiki – Sound Bath: The therapeutic vibrations from crystal and metal singing bowls enhance the principals of energy and balance for your well-being and self exploration.

1pm Mary Welp – with RISE – Tapping/EFT Tapping/EFT: is the emotional freedom technique that can help you lower stress, anxiety and nervousness in a matter of minutes by releasing energy in the meridian system.

2pm Chip Augustus PhD., CMPC – with U of L Health Mindfully Living with Our Values: This 20-minute activation workshop will explore ways of integrating mindfulness and commitment to our values into our daily lives.

3pm Katie Ward – with Realigned Body – “Bro”Spring Yoga: This male focused class introduces new alignment potentials by exploring the Bowspring Alignment System.

4pm Maggie Welp – Kid’s Yoga at The Big Stomp: This 20 minutes of yoga is kid focused, but all ages are welcome! We move our bodies, laugh, breathe, and work together to explore our strength, balance, and another way to have fun!

5pm Katie Morris – with Intuitive Touch – intro to Jin Shin Jitsu: The art of knowing yourself and understanding the relationship between yourself and the source of life.

6pm Christi Scoccola – with Divine Drumming – Drum Medicine: Drum washing is when a client receives the healing vibrations of the drum, throughout the whole physical body as well as a mental cleanse.

7pm Cielo Stein – with Cielo Breathwork – Return to Center: Cielo Breathwork stands out as more than breathwork itself, it innovatively combines the power of drumming and Reiki, a unique fusion that amplifies the healing and transformative experience.

Music Therapy Schedule

Join us for some examples of how music therapy can enhance well-being, reduce stress, and foster emotional expression.


6:15-6:45pm – Experiential
7:45-8:30pm – Drum Circle


12:45-1:15pm – Experiential
1:45-2:15pm – Experiential
6:15-6:45pm – Drum Circle

*This experience is a demonstration of music therapy and isn’t considered to be a therapy session.